Common Questions and Answers about Portraits

How do we book a session?           

          Its easy! Just email me, call me 814-673-8927,  message me on Facebook or click here!


What should we wear?

          I always recommend keeping it fairly neutral, and adding splashes of color in (scarves, hats, etc)  Try and avoid loud colors, too many patterns, identical outfits, sneakers, and logos & print on t-shirts. 


Do you have a studio?

        Yes I do! Outdoor portraits always offer way more for beautiful backdrops. But sometimes, the weather doesn't work in our favor. So if you are looking for in studio photos, I can help you out!

Where do you shoot your outdoor Portraits?

          I shoot all over!    I have many “Go to” places that I love to shoot at.   If you are wanting something a little more unique, let me know if you have a place you would like to have them done!  


What happens if it rains?

          If it is raining on the day of our session, we will possibly have to reschedule.  If there is enough time for things to dry up, then we will go for it! 


How long do you shoot for?

          A typical Family Session is around 1 hour to 90 minutes.


Do we get the digital images from the shoot?

     Yes! With my family sessions, the digital high res images ARE included (via digital download). You will receive a unique PIN# to download your images directly from your online gallery!


How do we get Prints?

          There are a handful of Professional prints included in the "Standard Session" to get you started! Any additional prints are available directly from your online gallery.  You can order almost any size you need and they ship right to you house!  An in person print session is available also if you need help with ordering larger prints or books.

You will receive a print release with your digital images, so you can get prints from where ever you want, BUT I recommend that the pictures you want to hang in your home come from my professional print lab. I cannot do anything about bad quality prints from other labs (walmart, cvs, shutterfly). 

 Can you help us with Print ordering?


What is the Online Gallery

          This is a private/password protected gallery on my website. You will be able to view and share all you photos and also allow you to order professional prints directly to you home. 


How do we pay you?  

          Payment is required before or on the day of the session date. An invoice can be be sent via email for easy online payment.  You can or Visa/MasterCard/Disc, or a check the day of.


How long does it take until we see our pictures?

          It really varies depending on the time of year.  The average wait time is around 4 to 10 days for the gallery to be up.  In the fall, possibly a little longer.


How far do you travel?

          Anything over 15 miles from the Oil City area is $1.25 per mile.