Common Questions and Answers about Weddings


Do you have Packages?          
          Yes I do!  I have three, beginning at$2199.     

Do I get the digital images?
          Yes! They are included in every package! You will receive them on USB, in a custom made case (by me!)  A print release is also provided with it as well.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?
          I am the only photographer at David Sobina Photography. I shoot 98% of Weddings by myself.   If you feel you need a 2nd Photographer at your event, I do have several professionals to call upon.  There would be an additional fee for hiring another Photographer. I do not guarantee a second shooter until I confirm with them.  I will not have a client pay for 2nd shooter, if they are not a professional... 

Do you have an assistant?
          Yes I do! I have an assistant with me for the wedding day to help with gear and my lighting! She is so important for getting my lighting  just were I need it, and helping move equipment. She will help with the family pictures after the ceremony too, cause those can be chaotic haha!   

How far do you travel?
          I limit myself to about 2 - 3  hours from the Oil City Area.  Anything over would require hotel fee's. Travel fee's are $1.25 per mile, over the first 30 miles.  

Do you come to the rehearsal? 
          Not normally,  but if you feel that you would need photographs for that, I do offer additional coverage!

What is the “Online Gallery”?
          This is a private/password protected gallery on my website were you can view and share all of your Wedding photos.  You can also order professional prints directly from there (up to 16x24)! If you give your password to friends and family, they can also order from there as well.  (this way they don’t have to ask you every time they want a picture)

Do you offer Albums?
          Yes I do! Albums are included in all of the wedding collections.


Do we need to meet prior to the Wedding?
          If at all possible, YES!  I love meeting my clients first!  It gets us a chance to get to know each other and for you to check out some sample albums! Meetings are help either at a local coffee shop, my home, or yours if you would  like. 


 Do you offer Engagement Sessions?
          Yup!  I really love these shoots, they are always so much fun.  It gives us some time together before the wedding and gets you used to the camera too!

How do we pick what goes in the album?
          Designing an album can be a bit overwhelming, but you’re in luck, I've made a bunch! So I will design the first draft of the wedding album for you, to best tell the story of the day.  After that is complete, you can then make any final changes to the album that you would like.  

You will receive a "virtual" album to flip through and make comments for any changes needed.  It is a really simple and fun process. Once you are satisfied, you Approve your album, and in about 10 days, it will be at your house!

What happens if it rains on my Wedding Day?
          We always hope it doesn’t!  But unfortunately this is something nobody can control.  If it is raining, we will make the best of what we have inside our venues!

Where do we do the outside pictures?
          Wherever looks good! I know a lot of great places to take photos in my area, but I often shoot in places I am unfamiliar with.   I can usually find a great place pretty quickly though.  If you have a location in mind, I am all ears!  

Can we provide a shot list?
          YES! Mainly for the family formals.  This is very helpful being that I will not know everyone by name you want to photograph. I can also send you a sample of what a typical shot list looks like.. 

Do you have Insurance?
          Absolutely YES! YES YES YES! If your venue needs a certificate of Insurance, I can provide that for them.  (I would need to know prior to the wedding day.) 

What kind of equipment do you use?
         This is generally something most people don't care to know, (except for my fellow  camera nerds.. haha!)  I use all professional Canon Cameras and Lenses. (I shoot with two 5DMK3's and a 7DMK2  )  I use 7 different lenses throughout the day (24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 16-35 f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 100mm f2.8 macro), I have about 30 memory cards, a dozen batteries and about a dozen flashes all triggered by pocketwizard plus 3's. So there should never be a “gear” reason why I couldn't capture an event!  I tend to be a bit obsessed about having backups. 

Do you back up our pictures?

Oh my, YES!  This is something a client might not even think of! Unless they heard a horror story from a friend who had all their pictures lost!  I take many precautions to avoid this ever happening.

All my cameras shoot to TWO memory cards at the same time, so the instant I take a photo, the camera is backing it up to another card.  When I get home, I upload them all to my computer, transfer them to TWO external hard drives. I will also leave them on the memory cards until they have been sent to you.

After the images are processed, I also upload the finished images to another online storage site for safe keeping as well! 
Can you hold a date for me?
          In this case, It is first come first serve.  To be fair to everyone, I cannot hold a date without a reservation.  So even before we meet, if you know you want me and I am open, just let me know and I we can get the date reserved for you!

 Do you require any money to hold our date?
          Yes. A non-refundable reservation of $300 is required to hold your date  The reservation DOES go towards your balance of whichever package you choose.  It is only forfeited if you have to cancel or move your date.  

Can we pay you after the Wedding?
          No, Im sorry! I require full payment 2 weeks prior the Wedding. But any overtime or album upgrades can be billed after the Wedding.

When should I book my date?
          I book dates anywhere from 12 to 18 months in advance.  So to answer your question, ASAP!

Can our friends and family take pictures?
          Ok, this question is always two sided. haha!  Yes, your friends and family can pictures!!  BUT... sometimes they can interfere with what I am trying to capture for you.  There are always a couple times when it happens.  When you walk down the isle, i have taken photo's of that moment, (which is an amazing moment), when the groom gets to see his bride coming down the isle... Father, about to give his daughter away..   And there are 15 cellphones , iPads and cameras hanging out into the isle. That is when I would say NO.  

Another  common place I see where it would be an issue, is during the reception and I am capturing the amazing moments during the first dance, (mother and son, and father and daughter.)  And a guest is standing directly across from me with their camera photobombing all the shots.  

There is a new trend happening over the past couple years called an "Unplugged Wedding".  You can ask your guests to leave their cell phones & cameras down during the ceremony, and even until after the formal dances are over at the reception. 


What if you can’t make it to my Wedding?
          That would just be horrible!  But, it is something that has to be discussed.  If for some act of God, or an illness I cannot fulfill my duties, I will try my hardest to find a Professional to take my place.  If I cannot, You will receive 100%  back of all money paid.